SAINTS recipe for successful pampering

Take one chapel. Adorn it with fairy lights, tablecloths and beanbags. Dim the lights and turn on the iPod.

Add the following ingredients:

– a dazzling array of nail varnishes, art pens and decorations

– a choice of deliciously flavoured face packs

– a warm, bubbling foot spa

– tropical juices, exotic fruit chunks and cocktail umbrellas

– a cascading chocolate fountain with marshmallows, strawberries, grapes and bagels to dip

Set up a station where your guests can thank God for something they love about themselves – try a funky mirror, a glittering cross and heart-shaped post-its and pens.

Then invite all girl SAINTS of secondary school age to come along, relax and enjoy.

Words – Elise Eminson    Pictures – Jo King