If you live in the parish of Pagham then you are entitled to have a Christian funeral either at St Thomas à Becket’s Church, or at the Crematorium or Cemetery but conducted by a minister from St Thomas à Becket’s. It is always our immense privilege to commend to God one of His beloved creatures and He loves all, so that for instance your attendance at church on Sundays has no effect on your entitlement to a church or Christian funeral.

This same entitlement extends to the time just before or immediately after death. You may contact us  at any time  to ask for a minister to come out and pray with you and your loved-one as they are dying, committing them into the hands of God. Equally, do please call us out to do the same just after they have died.

To book the funeral with this parish you would usually contact a funeral director and then they would contact us.  In preparation for the funeral itself we would always meet to plan your loved-one’s funeral service.  This enables the minister to hear something about your loved-one, particularly if they have not known them hitherto. We would also discuss Bible (or other) readings, music and hymns and anything else we need to.


Further Information

Do contact The Reverend Lucy Sullivan:  telephone on 01243 941551 or by emailing  if you have any queries at any stage of life, preparing for death, or during bereavement.

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