This song was written in time for the Winter Warmer in February, with the intention of peforming it again to a large gathering. It’s here now, as we won’t be meeting together for a long time!


 The Parish Vacancy

Tune: Summer holiday


We’re all going on a parish vacancy

no more vicars for a year or two,

lots of challenges for kind clergy visitors

to preach a sermon to me and you,

as we sleep sit in our pew.


We’re grateful for our two churchwardens,

but Stephen’s Cox-and-Box makes him quake,

and Mike has so many burdens,

how does he stay a Wake?


Churches benefit from parish vacancies,

that’s the theory – but is it true?

When a priest-in-charge arrives at St Thomas’s,

what will he or she say and do,

when they look at our pew?


They’ll see that we all love each other,

they’ll see a lovely roof overhead,

and proof that our congregation

has been divinely fed!


So we thank the PCC and churchwardens,

Bill and Colin and dear Roland too,

and we ask the Lord to guide all the applicants

so selection can soon go through,

bringing joy to our pew!


Pagham Church

Alison Blenkinsop 15 February 2020