News from Pagham Church members Clare and Matthew Murray, who are now living in Singapore for a couple of years:

Clare writes: Everything is slowly sorting itself out here. It’s a different way of life, and lots to adapt to, but we are getting used to everything. We hope you are keeping well in Pagham.

Matt is busy with his job as an Audiologist, and has been on a few business trips recently. He’s currently responsible for training and sales across a variety of countries in South and South East Asia. I am still looking for work, but have a couple of opportunities for supply teaching which might get me somewhere in the next month. I’m keeping myself busy in the meantime, continuing my MSc in Maths with the Open University.

We regularly go to St Andrew’s (Anglican) Cathedral here, in the diocese of Singapore, which is a very different church with a massive congregation in comparison to Pagham! But like Pagham, we too are marking the Year of Prayer. We had a bit of a strange Christmas, because it didn’t feel very much like Christmas. The weather isn’t the same, and having just moved to a much smaller apartment we didn’t find time or space for decorations (except Christmas cards). We enjoyed the Lessons and Carols and Midnight Mass at Christmas, and took the weekend away to Hong Kong for New Year to see the fireworks – they were spectacular!