Gemma Green is a member of our church family here in Pagham. She is currently exploring her vocation to ordained ministry and since September 2017 has been living and working as a Pastoral Assistant in an urban Parish in North London.

Hello everyone!

I hope you are all well?

I cannot believe I have been here over a month now! Time is certainly flying by!

I am having a fantastic time here in Hornsey. It has been extraordinarily busy, but endless fun and very rewarding. Holy Innocents has given me a lovely welcome and has a great community. I have really enjoyed meeting so many new people. My fellow pastoral assistants and the clergy are wonderful; we have such a great team.

My time has generally been spent making pastoral visits around the community, taking a Bible study group in a local Primary school, taking part in chaplaincy at the YMCA, cleaning the church, general admin, helping organise events, serving at Mass and participating in the daily worship. I have even had the privilege of preparing and delivering a couple of sermons!

Everything seems to be going well in my discernment process too. We are finalising some of the paperwork and I have been filling in a number of forms this week in preparation. I am hoping to meet with Bishop Mark in November, to introduce myself and have a conversation about my vocation. If all goes well, we are still looking at a possible BAP (Bishop’s Advisory Panel) in late February/early March. Gosh, that time will go quickly!

I have also been writing a blog, which I am trying to contribute to on a weekly basis. Please do have a look: the website is

This week, I am looking forward to taking an assembly in the local primary school on Wednesday, alongside Millie, one of my fellow pastoral assistants. I am also going to begin co-ordinating volunteers for the Winter Night Shelter, which starts in the first week of December.

We also have a trip to Walsingham planned for the last week of October, which is half-term, I believe. It will be my first trip to Walsingham, so I am very much looking forward to visiting there.

I will write again soon. I am keeping you all in my prayers.

With love and best wishes