Weekly Pews News

no 20-33                                        Tenth Sunday after Trinity

16 August 2020                                     

Radio & TV broadcasts: Sunday Worship on Radio 4 at 8:10 am; Songs of Praise on BBC1 at 1.15 pm. New! live Choral Evensong on Radio 3 on Wednesdays at 3 pm throughout August.

Also Premier Christian Radio daily; Sunday service 7 am-1 pm (on DAB nationally, Freeview 725, mobile apps); Angel Radio Sunday service 9 am, rep 11.30 pm (local radio for the older community, on FM 89.3, DAB and online: http://angelradio.co.uk/)

24-hour freephone: Daily Hope for Christian worship, set up by Archbishop Justin: 0800 804 8044.


Collect  Let your merciful ears, O Lord, be open to the prayers of your humble servants; and that they may obtain their petitions make them to ask such things as shall please you; through Jesus Christ your Son our Lord, who is alive and reigns with you, in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God, now and for ever.    Amen.

Readings for today

8 am Holy Communion (for reading at home): 1 Corinthians 12: 1-11; Luke 19: 41-47a

9:45 am The Eucharist (in church): Isaiah 56: 1, 6-8; Psalm 67; Romans 11: 1-2a, 29-32; Matthew 15: 21-28

Psalm response: Let the peoples praise you, O God; let all the peoples praise you.

Sunday 16 August

Intention: those married here and preparing for marriage this year; family life, and especially any families facing adversity.

Church family: Heather & Harry Marchant; Maggie Martin; Jean Martin; Jean & Bill Mitchell; Lynette, Nigel, Leo, Brooke & Skye Mitchell; Catherine Morrish; Sheila & Harry Mullings.

4.15 pm        Singing of hymns in Swandene (time dependent on the weather) – see below.

Monday 17 August

Intention: the press, radio and television corporations, and all who influence public opinion; also Christian publishing and broadcasting.

Church family: Angela, Jon, Freja & Felix Munn; Nicola, Graham, Flin, Lavender & Bailey Oakford; Sue O’Neill; Wendy & Frank Parvin; Hilary Payne.

Tuesday 18 August

Intention: all seafarers, fishermen and lifeboat crews, and the work of Mission to Seafarers.

Church family: Dawn & Nick Pearson, Hannah & William Spurway; Jean Pereira; Sam, Keith, Oliver & Neeve Perrin; Marion Peters; Carol-Anne & Peter Pocock; Elizabeth & Brian Pope.

12 noon          Funeral of Edna Swinnerton-Beet

Wednesday 19 August

Intention: Church finances, national and international finance; consider what the words poverty and wealth mean to us.

Church family: Robin Potter; Tina & Michael Poyntz; Sylvia Pugh; Pauline Purdy; Gillian Purvis; Margaret Rees; Sheila & Stuart Ridgewell; Jessie & Bob Riding; Malcolm Ridley.

10 am             Holy Communion

Anniversary: Frederick Stevens (1990)

Thursday 20 August – Bernard, Abbot of Clairvaux, Teacher of the Faith, 1153

Intention: all victims of violence, crime and oppression; those affected by domestic and other forms of abuse, and all who seek to support them.

Church family: Grace Roope; Christine & Ray Rowe; Annette Rudduck; Wendy & Richard Rundle; Pat & Bill Rush; Pam & Robert Sale; Dawn, Graham, Luke & Grace Salter.

1.30 pm         Funeral of Brenda Dobson

Friday 21 August

Intention: the sick in body, mind or spirit; those who have life-limiting conditions; the work of St Wilfrid’s Hospice.                                                                                                        /continued..

Church family: Daphne Sharrad; Shirley Shellswell; Margaret Sherwood; Nicky, Tom, Curtis & Ellis Simpson; Steph & Joseph Skinner, Paul, Freya & Jack Morrison.

Burial of ashes of Brenda Dobson, afternoon time TBC.

Saturday 22 August

Intention: our Deanery of Arundel & Bognor, and its parishes, clergy and people; our Rural Dean Mark Standen, and the work of Deanery Synod.

Church family: Aimee, Jason, Ava & Monty Smith; Beryl Smith; Betty Smith; Jane, Charlotte & Lauren Smith; Sue Smith; Sue & David Smith; Mary Spencer; Jenny Spurle; Roger Steadman.

Anniversary: May Ashwood (1977); William Rockcliffe (1992); Marion Shaw (2016)



We pray for all in need of healing in body, mind or spirit: Lynette, Rosie Sims, Richard Rundle, Terry Haskell, Jean Martin, Lila Cowee, Barbara Crew, June Evans, Zoe, Bea & Laurie Tucker, Shelagh, Karen Cox, Jim Druce, Jim Fowler, Father Chris, Elizabeth Pett.

For urgent prayer, contact Gillian Purvis (267597) or Colin Wood (264192) to start the Prayer Chain.

Those who have died: Edna Swinnerton-Beet, Brenda Dobson.

We remember Church family who live in residential care or usually receive communion at home: Catherine Morrish, Daphne Sharrad, Bett Steenerson.

We pray for God’s blessing on all who live in our parish: Pryors Lane, Pyrford Close, Queensmead.

We pray for Revd Lucy Sullivan, and the Diocese as it finds suitable accommodation for her new home, in preparation for her ministry in Pagham and Aldwick from next month.

We pray for all affected directly by Covid-19; for wisdom in keeping our shores and beaches safe.

We thank God for the lives of Edna Swinnerton-Beet and Brenda Dobson.

Edna Swinnerton-Beet became a member of St Thomas à Becket’s when she came to live with Debbie and Stephen Buxton. She loved the church and her weekly visits of worship. When she became housebound she found great comfort in receiving communion at home. She is a much-loved mother, grandmother and great-grandmother.

Brenda Dobson Trudi writes: ‘Brenda was a long-term supportive member of Pagham Church family. She took an active interest in all aspects of Church life as a regular attender at services, and as a member of the Julian Prayer Group, Bible Study groups, Pilgrim Course and Book Group, until her move to Residential Care some four years ago. She then received regular Home Communion and was always interested in, and supportive of, what was happening in the Church. This gentle, kind, loving lady, whose quiet Christian faith shone out for all to see, will be missed by many.’

Thanksgiving for our prayers: Richard Rundle, one of our servers, writes:
‘17th August marks the first anniversary of me being rushed into St Richard’s Hospital, seriously ill. Just the evening before, we had been enjoying playing skittles with the Friends of Pagham Parish Church, and all was well. My illness, which it transpired was acute pancreatitis, came as a bolt out of the blue. It turned our lives upside down. Wendy and I have been very grateful for all the prayers on our behalf and the practical assistance. Thankfully my health is steadily improving and I have been able to return (on a part-time basis) to work this week. I still have a way to go, and will probably have to have a further operation next year, but knowing we had the support of the Church family has been a great comfort. Thank you! Richard and Wendy Rundle.’

We thank God for this very good news, and continue to pray for Richard’s ongoing recovery.


Church services: as Sunday numbers are limited, please inform Trudi by 8pm on Saturday by email, phone or text, to book your place: trudikearsley@hotmail.co.uk; 01243 263597//07703 597353.
Bring your own order of service, by email from Trudi, or your own prayer book. A few printed copies are available in church for those not on email, to be kept by each person for future services.

Face coverings: it is now mandatory for all who come into church to wear a face covering, unless they are exempt. Cotton masks are available in church for a donation to church funds. Distancing still applies!

Hymn singing: join Alison Blenkinsop for hymn and community singing outside her home in Swandene every Sunday at 4.15 pm, weather permitting. Seating is provided. Contact her on 261131 or 07784 544981 if you plan to come, as numbers have to be limited, and to get last-minute timing details.

Chichester Diocese pastoral helpline, ‘Hearing You’, for listening and prayer support: 01273 425047.


Churchwardens: Mike Wake and Stephen Cox-Rusbridge: churchwarden@paghamchurch.org,
07899 705632//07974 177905.

Church website update: email editor@paghamchurch.org to add content.

Safeguarding Officer: Jan Brockhurst: safeguarding@paghamchurch.org.

Pews News: Alison Blenkinsop: pewsnews@paghamchurch.org, 01243 261131, 07784 544981.