Weekly Pews News

No. 768

Colour of the season: Purple

Date: 6th March 2016



Fourth Sunday of Lent, Mothering Sunday      


Collect for the day:


God of compassion, whose Son Jesus Christ, the child of Mary, shared the life of a home in Nazareth, and on the cross drew the whole human family to himself: strengthen us in our daily living that in joy and in sorrow we may know the power of your presence to bind together and to heal; through Jesus Christ your Son our Lord, who is alive and reigns with you, in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God, now and for ever.




Our Opportunities for Worship today


  Fourth Sunday of Lent, Mothering Sunday      (P)                                                                                                                                                             
8.00 am Holy Communion

Readings:   Galatians 4: 21-end, John 6: 1-14

9.45 am Family Eucharist

Readings: Exodus 2: 1-10, John 19: 25b-27

Hymns: 184, 437,413, 819

Communion: 382, 474, 825, 897

5.00pm Evening Prayer – Book of Common Prayer

Prayer of Manasseh, 2 Timothy 4: 1-18


After the Parish Eucharist you are welcome to gather for refreshments in St. Andrew’s chapel, where we can get to know each other better



Sunday 6th March

Intention: Pray for our Archbishops, Justin Welby of Canterbury and John Sentamu of York; for the work of the Archbishops’ Council and General Synod; for the worldwide Anglican Communion.

Anniversary: Roland Tolworthy Hunt (2011)


Monday 7th March – Perpetua, Felicity and companions

Intention: Pray for our schools, colleges and universities; for all teachers and learners, governors and administrators.

Anniversary: Ronald Knight (1955)

Tuesday 8th March – Edward King

Intention: Pray for the hungry, homeless, refugees and asylum seekers; for the work of The Church Army, Christian Aid and all relief agencies.

Anniversary: Jessie Towler   (1983), Lilian Gilham (2007)


2.00pm           Funeral of Rosemary Wilmott

7.00pm           Healing Eucharist


Wednesday 9th March

Intention: Pray for the Queen and Royal Family, our Nation and Government, our local MP and MEP.

Anniversary: Gladys Halling (1993)


10.00am         Holy Communion

1.30pm           Wednesday Club at the Church Centre opposite Pagham FC

2-4pm             Knit and Natter at Helen’s (265911) – 3 Conway Drive

7.30pm           Stations of the Cross

Thursday 10th March

Intention: Pray for our local clubs and organisations, especially our Ladies Club, the Luncheon Club and the Men’s Club.

Anniversary: Betty Wadlow (1996), Joyce Winfield (2006)


12-2.00pm     Christian Aid: Super Soup at the Vicarage


Friday 11th March

Intention: Pray for our scouts, guides, cadets and other local youth organisations.

Anniversary: Norman Williams (1989), Robert Upton         (1993), Neville Purdy (2012), Cynthia Brown (2015)


Saturday 12th March

Intention: Pray for our local industry and commerce, our farmers and growers and the holiday industry.

Anniversary: Stanley Holder (1996), Henry Taylor (2010)



We pray for all in need and especially those in need of healing in mind, body or spirit: Sue Smith, Anthea Potter, Frank Lawton, Stella Clarke, Isobel Aldred, Elizabeth Dove, Adrian, David Atkins, Velda Scully, David Nash, David and Rita Thompson.

For urgent prayer please contact Gillian Purvis (Tel: 267597) or Colin Wood (Tel: 264192) to activate the Prayer Chain.


We pray for those who have died recently: Peter Downey, Rosemary Wilmott, Audrey Nicholls.


We pray for those recorded in our Memorial Book whose anniversaries occur at this time. We pray for all those who mourn their passing.


We pray for God’s blessing upon all who live in Churchill Walk, Colt’s Bay and Conifer Way.


We pray for the ministry of Christian Solidarity Worldwide, whose work we support financially as a parish.




Church Website update: To add content to the website email editor@paghamchurch.org


Revd. Mark Eminson can be contacted at the vicarage, 38 Kings Drive, PO21 4PZ. Tel: 262713. Email: vicar@paghamchurch.org (day off Friday)


Revd. Jo King can be contacted on curate@paghamchurch.org (day off Friday) or 01243 276949.


Pews News: Louise Gibbs (Editor) can be contacted by email: louise.gibbs1109@rocketmail.com (Tel: 07773 135005) or telephone Mark Eminson 01243 262713


Next Sunday Fifth Sunday of Lent, Passiontide begins          (P)                                                                                                                                                             
8.00am Holy Communion

Readings: Hebrews 9: 11-15, John 8: 46-end

9.45am Parish Eucharist

Readings: Isaiah 43: 16-21, Psalm 126, Philippians 3: 4b-14, John 12: 1-8

Hymns: 532, 738, 195, 394

Communion: 327, 658, 18, 890

5.00pm Evening Worship – Choral Evensong

2 Chronicles 35: 1-6, 10-16, Luke 22: 1-13




Next Sunday: all are invited to attend the AGM of The Friends in St Andrew’s Chapel at 4pm, followed by tea. There is then Choral Evensong at 5pm.


Flowers: We are hoping to fill the church with flowers again for Easter. If you would like to sponsor an arrangement, or contribute to the costs of the flowers, please speak to Trudi Kearsley – 263597. We will be decorating the Church on Easter Eve – Saturday 26th March from 9.30 am. Please join us if you would like to help. We would be very grateful for donations of greenery, which should be brought down early Saturday morning. Thank you.


Wedding anniversary cards: This is a little job, which we need someone

to take on please. Speak to Trudi or Mark if you can help.


Parish Pilgrimage: Thursday March 31st. If you would like to join us on our pilgrimage to Christchurch Priory Dorset, please sign up on the ‘Pilgrimage’ sheet which is on the white noticeboard situated in the South Aisle. Closing Date Sunday 13th March.

Domestic Abuse: Literature is now placed suitably around the Church and Church Centre and one or two contact numbers below. If you would like to get more involved in raising awareness of domestic abuse then please speak to Mark – we hope to have perhaps a small group with a named church rep.


The Life Centre: A confidential space for survivors and their supporters to offload. If you are a survivor or wanting help in supporting a survivor you can use our helplines to talk through any aspect of what you have gone through and how it is affecting you. For adults tel: 0844 847 7879 for under 18s tel: 0808 802 0808 text helpline: 07717 989 022.


Renewal of Electoral Roll: The annual renewal takes place between Sunday 28th February and Sunday 27th March. If you are not on the Electoral Roll now is the time to join! If you are already on it, do nothing, unless you have changed address, telephone number or e-mail, in which case let Beth or Mark know please.


Parish Book Group: Our current book is “The Autobiography of Martin Luther King, Jr.” edited by Clayborne Carson. See the Book Group notice board for further information and sign-up sheets. Join a discussion group on Monday 14th March at 8pm or Thursday 17th March at 10am.


Date for diary: Our parish trip to the Door of Mercy at the cathedral has been booked for Saturday 28th May at 11.15am. All are welcome.


Confirmation: There is a Confirmation at the Cathedral on 19th June. If you are interested in being part of a group exploring and working towards this please speak to Mark or Jo. We will begin to meet during Lent.