'Raise the Roof' Fundraising Appeal

Target for Fundraising – £350,000

The roof is not leaking yet…

…but it is only a matter of time before it starts to, due to a large number of tiles that are now slowly slipping from their place. We need to act not to prevent water getting in and causing greater damage to our wonderful building.

The tiles need replacing on the main part of the roof and the side aisles. We will be working hard throughout the work to reuse materials, reducing cost and helping the environment.

Estimates for the work are approximately £350,000. Over the past three years we have been working hard to raise sufficient funds for the work to go ahead.

So far we have secured funding of £344,000 from a variety of sources:

Fundraising     – £41,500

Donations        – £39,500

Legacies          – £43,000

Grants              – £141,000

‘Friends of Pagham Parish Church’   – £14,000

Pledges and Interest -free loans –    £65,000

The decision has been taken to start the work, with contractors appointed and work commencing at the beginning of September.  It is hoped that the work will be completed by the end of the year.

Unfortunately once the work started it revealed the need for some remedial work to the stonework, which it had not been possible to identify before, which will incur additional costs.  However it is expected that these costs will be covered within the contingency allowance.

We are still £6,000 short of our target.

Please could you consider what you could do to help us preserve this place of worship for the people of Pagham and our many visitors over the years to come.

Fundraising continues and we are also waiting a decision on a further grant application.

We are very grateful to all those who have contributed to raising the funds we have secured, but we are continuing to ask for your help.  Please consider what you could do to help us preserve this place of worship for the people of Pagham, and our many visitors from further afield, for the years to come.

Grants   We are very grateful to the following organisations from whom we have received grants;

Heritage Lottery Fund                    –   £100,000

Garfield Weston                             -. £10,000

All Churches Trust                         –  £4,000

Church Care                                  –  £7,000

Sussex Historic Churches Trust   –  £20,000



We are raising funds to repair the church roof, which is estimated to cost £350,000.  If for any unforeseen reason we are unable to proceed with the repair, or there are surplus funds left over, we will use the donations to help with day to day running expenses,   including some of the parish contribution to the Diocese.

How you can help

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Some  of the events which have contributed to our Fundraising

Heritage Afternoon: ‘Pagham Church and Village’      –   2017

Quiz Night hosted by St Ninian’s Church   –    201

Chichester Voices Concert   –   2017

Fundraising Auction   –   2017

Art Exhibition    –    2017/2018/9201

Brownies Coin Trail    –    2017

Bognor 10k      –     2017

Full Peal of Pagham Bells    –   2017

Summer Fair     –     2017/2018/2019

Quiz Night      –     2017

Christmas Market and Craft Fair    –   2017/2018

Burns Night Supper       –     2018

Bingo and Beetle Drive     –    2018

Pagham Weddings Heritage Event    –    2018



‘Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labour in vain.’

Psalm 127 v1