On Saturday the 18th of April, the Saints group went on a residential for one night near Petersfield in Hampshire. After an hour’s drive in the minibus we arrived at the Privett Centre and unpacked our sleeping bags and kit into our dorms.

Firstly we had free time which we used to play pool and table football. In the afternoon we were meant to go rock climbing but instead we got back in the mini bus and drove to Butser Hill where we went egg rolling. This was a challenge for one of us to roll our uncooked egg down the hill without smashing it…Sophie won this challenge! After we had been egg rolling we did a quiz about the centre and the church. We were given points for getting answers correct and the number of points we got would determine how much equipment we would get for our fire. Fire lighting was probably trickiest task we had! We made our fires in a Kelly kettle which we boiled water to put in our hot chocolate and we also toasted marshmallows!

After that we had dinner. Joe, Will, Riley and Luke cooked dinner (with a little help from Jenny) they cooked pasta with three different flavours – tomato, pesto and cheese! After the main course we had pudding – chocolate Swiss roll or strawberry Swiss roll with a choice of custard. The washing up team Oli, Sam and Olly did a great job of cleaning the plates and cutlery.

Soon after it was time to go outside and sing some hymns and pray. In no time it was time go on our night walk, we walked through a field and along the edge of the forest to the last road back to the center we were staying at. We went back to our dorms, did our teeth and went to bed. There was no chatting to be had as we were too tired from the day’s activities.

When we woke in the morning we had free time then the breakfast team had to setup the breakfast table. Shortly after breakfast we then packed our bags and left the site! Ready to tell everybody what we’ve done at church.  We had a really fun time away and thank you to Jo, Mike, Jenny and Mark for giving us the opportunity.


 Photographs by Vanessa Marshall