Youth In Worship

Altar Servers

For many years it has been the practice for young church members to take their place as servers as their first public duty in the church. Our team would welcome new recruits (from about Year 5 and above) who would like to share the privilege of serving during the Eucharist.

Young Readers

Children in Year 5 and above have the opportunity to become Young Readers.

Young Readers read the lessons and prayers at family eucharists and often take the lead at youth services. This important role enables them to engage with scripture, actively participate in worship, and build their confidence as speakers.

As Young Readers move into secondary school they can become Young Reader Trainers and support younger children during reader rehearsals.

Children in year 4 and below also have the chance to perform at certain services and events.

Contact Elise Eminson – 01243 262713 – to find out more about Young Reader training and rehearsal.