The Covid-19 song

Tune: If you’re happy and you know it 


If you’re healthy and you know it, clap your hands;

if you’re not, obey the government’s demands:

stay away from social clubs

and avoid the local pubs,

for the virus is abroad throughout the land.


To reduce the risk, we all must wash our hands

to a 20-second song with concert bands,

and we catch and bin and kill

every bug that makes us ill –

it’s a mantra every thinker understands.


If you cough, then use your sleeve and not your hands,

if you’re feverish, then cancel daily plans;

and to slow infection rate

you should now self-isolate,

and ensure each sneeze in tissue-paper lands.


If you’re stuck at home and feel a nervous wreck,

and you find your bathroom stores have hit the deck,

then you needn’t feel afraid,

you’ll receive essential aid

from St Bernard, with a roll around his neck.


Every day at noon, let’s kneel and clasp our hands,

and remember humankind across all lands;

and keep faith with God our lover,

so this world will soon recover

and rejoice, if everyone together stands.


Written by Alison Blenkinsop