How good is your Maths?

If one lady works 18 hours per week for 11 and a half years, what does she achieve?

Answer: an overcrowded room full of love – given and received by her.

Diane Townson retired on 31st October as Manager of Cancerwise – a unique Charity to Chichester. Why are they not nationwide? The centre gives much valued friendship, compassion and an ever-listening ear to those who have been diagnosed with cancer. Interesting to hear that the office was set up with two computers, costing £1 each!

When Tavern House was built as a railwayman’s rest, just beside the station, who would have dreamt it would ever be so crowded. Diane’s send-off was overwhelming, standing room only. In the farewell speech, a letter which had travelled 12,000 miles was read out from the lady who appointed Diane 11 and a half years ago. The writer has every right to be proud of her judgement.

Diane has used her many and varied gifts of enthusiasm, organisation ability, and her listening ear. Her husband, Brian, has supported her very generously throughout.

Gifts were showered on her, as we toasted her with champagne – a beautiful painting of St Thomas a Becket’s Church, Membership of The Friends of Chichester Festival Theatre, a helmet, ready for her new cycling intentions, complete with Norman Tebbit’s book ‘Get on your Bike’ (and look for work) Diane also intends to spend more time with her Family, quilting and gardening. Will this take up more than the 18 hours per week you may ask, but Diane completed the 10K run last year, so with that sort of energy . . . . . . . 

There was a rich spread of delicious food, fit for a queen and the white and green icing on the cake crowned it all.

Diane says that her faith is her strength and many a time she has silently said “please Lord tell me what to say or do” and it worked. She now looks to the Lord for guidance for future service for Him.

‘When we are near to one who loves us – we are not far from God.’

‘The sharing of hurt is the beginning of healing’