Church Roof Update:

Stonemasons have finished work on the gables with the re-fitting of the stone crosses at each end of the nave. All that is left now is to replace a rafter on the north transept and retiling, plus some timber work on the porch. The amount of work left is days, not weeks, hopefully the contractors will be permitted to finish it.

‘Raise the Roof’ appeal was launched three and half years ago with a programme of ambitious fund raising events to raise £350,000.  It was an opportunity for the whole Parish to get involved to ensure that our beautiful parish church will be here to serve and to be enjoyed by the whole community, now and for future generations.

We are grateful to everyone that has supported the appeal from Grant awarding sources, local organisations, businesses and individuals who have made this possible.

With the present situation this all seems a bit of an anti-climax. Perhaps later when the spread of coronavirus has come to an end, we will be able to hold a huge event to celebrate and say thank you.