Curate – We wish Jo and family joy in their new home and a happy summer holiday. Jo’s stipend begins on 1st September, so we look forward to her starting full-time with us then.


The Friends of St Thomas a’ Becket Church are holding their annual golf day at the Church Farm mini golf course on Saturday 6th September 2014. The cost will be £7.00 per entrant and the start (tee off) times will be from 11.00 a.m. Please put your name on the list at the back of the church. The prize giving will be at The Lamb Inn afterwards. Tickets can be purchased from Michael Biggs in church or phone 263537


Families Barbecue – Sunday 7 September at the Vicarage after church.  All Sunday School families and helpers welcome.


Parish Book Group – To mark the First World War Centenary, over the summer we will be reading “Regeneration” by Pat Barker. Further information and sign-up sheets on Book Group notice board. Discussion groups: Monday 15th September at 8pm & Thursday 18th Sept at 10am.


Pilgrim – Further to Mark’s sermon do please see him if you would like to be involved in leading or helping with the Pilgrim Course and please everyone prayerfully consider if there is someone you might be able to invite to try the course, which will start in October. Literature to follow soon.


Knit and natter  will restart in September – date to be advised.


Luncheon Club meets on alternate Wednesdays at St. Ninian`s hall.

They need more people to join them to help keep costs down.  They are a lively bunch who enjoy a good meal and happy company.  The next lunch is Wednesday 3rd September. Free transport is available. Please contact Jean on 268801.


Our church is beautiful as you know

It takes elbow grease to make it so.

More hands will add to this power

So once a month will you spare an hour?

One lady cleans three weeks in four

From a parish the size of ours, this is poor.

Soon the church won`t be clean

Unless you will please join a team.

The kids return to school in September

That would be a good time to remember

That our hardworking team leader Sue

Really needs some help from you

Please phone Sue on 261839

         Or email


  Registered Charity No 1134842

The Church of St Thomas a’Becket, Pagham

Weekly Pews News

No.688                                                       24th August 2014

Colour of the season: Red


Bartholomew the Apostle


Collect for the day: Almighty and everlasting God, who gave to your apostle Bartholomew grace truly to believe and to preach your word: grant that your Church may love that word which he believed and may faithfully preach and receive the same; through Jesus Christ your Son our Lord, who is alive and reigns with you, in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God, now and for ever.


Response to psalm 145: The Lord is loving to everyone


0ur Opportunities for Worship today


  Bartholomew the Apostle                                                 (R)                                                     



Holy Communion 

Readings: 1Acts 5: 12-16, Luke 22: 24-30



Parish Eucharist

Readings:  Isaiah 43: 8-13, Psalm 145: 1-7, Acts 5: 12-16, Luke 22: 24-30

Hymns: 552, 736, 195, 695 Communion: 47, 17, 181


Evening Prayer – Common Worship

Readings: Ecclesiasticus 39: 1-10, Matthew 10: 1-22



After the Parish Eucharist you are welcome to gather for refreshments

 in St. Andrew’s chapel, where we can get to know each other better.

Sunday 24th  August

Intention:  Pray for the Church’s worldwide mission; for all the missionary societies and for The Bible Society.

8.00 am Holy Communion  

9.45 am Parish Eucharist 

5.00 pm Evening Prayer – Common Worship


Monday 25th  August

Intention:  Pray for our Diocese of Chichester, our Bishops, Martin, Mark and Richard; the archdeacons, clergy & people; for the work of Diocesan Synod & Church House; for the witness of Chichester Cathedral.

7.30pm Bell Ringers


Tuesday 26th  August

Intention:  Pray for the elderly, lonely & bereaved; for all those in residential care and those who care for them.

Anniversary: Raymond Johnson de Marvine (1981)

7.00pm The Eucharist


Wednesday 27th  August    Monica

Intention:  Pray for Peace. For the European Union & The United nations Organisation.

10.00am Holy Communion


Thursday 28th August     Augustine of Hippo

Intention: Pray for vocations to the ordained ministry, especially any within our own parish; for the theological colleges and for all ordinands in training and for vocations to the religious life.

Anniversary: Robert Lack (1979)


Friday 29th August       Beheading of John the Baptist

Intention:  Pray for our mission to our own parish; for the outreach of our parish newsletter; for all newcomers to Pagham and to our church family.

Anniversary: Eric Lock (2003)


Saturday 30th  August       John Bunyan

Intention: Pray for our neighbouring churches, and for the work of Churches Together in Bognor Regis & District.

Anniversaries: Primrose Green (1973), William Smith (1996)

11.30am Wedding of Daniel Courcier & Kerri-Anne Edwards

1.30pm Wedding of Christopher Hayden & Corinne Cardwell


Weekday Morning and Evening Prayer

Morning prayer: Tuesday to Thursday and Saturday 9.20am. Friday 8.30am

Evening Prayer: Tuesday to Thursday 5.20 pm. Friday 4.30pm

No evening prayer on Saturday



Prayers and Intentions


We pray for all in need and especially those in need of healing in mind, body or spirit: Robin & Anthea Potter, Gerry Mitchell, Dawn Spurway, Elizabeth, Sandra, Luke, Ian Turner, Kathy Camille, Angela, June, Ray, Rosemary, Shannon, Richard, Sylvia, Bebe


To add someone to the prayer list either write their name on the board near the church door or let Mark or the editors of Pews News know. We will pray for that person for about a month.  After a month the name can be added again, but it is the responsibility of the one who made the initial request. Also please include start date on your request.


For urgent prayer contact Gillian Purvis to activate the Prayer Chain (Tel: 267597)




We pray for those who have died recently: Jill Ziolkowski, Annette Richards and for those recorded in our Memorial Book whose anniversaries occur at this time. We pray for all those who mourn their passing.


We pray for Daniel Courcier & Kerri-Anne Edwards and Christopher Hayden & Corinne Cardwell whose weddings are this Saturday.



We Pray for Richard and Luke who are on tour in Afghanistan.




Church Website update: To add content to the website email


Revd. Mark Eminson can be contacted at the Vicarage, 38 Kings Drive, PO21 4PZ. Tel: 262713. Email:


Pews News: Nikki can be contacted via Email: (tel: 828445) or tel. Mark Eminson 262713


Next Sunday

Eleventh Sunday after Trinity                                               (G)                                                     



Holy Communion 

Readings: 1 Corinthians 15: 1-11, Luke 18: 9-14



Parish Eucharist

Readings:  Jeremiah 15: 15-21, Psalm 26: 1-8, Romans 12: 9-end, Matthew 16: 21-end

Hymns: 161, 658, 428, 281 Communion: 417, 45, 67


Evening Prayer – Book of Common Prayer

Readings: 2 Kings 6: 24-25; 7: 3-end, Acts 18: 1-16