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no 20-32                                        Ninth Sunday after Trinity

9 August 2020                                     

Worship online
Chichester Diocese:


Radio & TV broadcasts: Sunday Worship on Radio 4 at 8:10 am; Songs of Praise on BBC1 at 1.15 pm. New! live Choral Evensong on Radio 3 on Wednesdays at 3 pm throughout August.

Also Premier Christian Radio daily; Sunday service 7 am-1 pm (on DAB nationally, Freeview 725, mobile apps); Angel Radio Sunday service 9 am, rep 11.30 pm (local radio for the older community, on FM 89.3, DAB and online: http://angelradio.co.uk/)

Smartphone free apps: Daily Prayer, Pray As You Go, Lectio365 (from the 24-7 Prayer movement).  

24-hour freephone: Daily Hope for Christian worship, set up by Archbishop Justin: 0800 804 8044.


Collect  Almighty God, who sent your Holy Spirit to be the life and light of your Church: open our hearts to the riches of your grace, that we may bring forth the fruit of the Spirit in love and joy and peace; through Jesus Christ your Son our Lord, who is alive and reigns with you, in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God, now and for ever.  Amen.

Readings for today

8 am            BCP Holy Communion (for reading at home): 1 Corinthians 10: 1-13;  Luke 16: 1-9

9:45 am         The Eucharist 1 Kings 19: 9-18; Psalm 85: 8-13; Romans 10: 5-15; Matthew 14: 22-33

Psalm response: Show us your mercy, O Lord.

Sunday 9 August

Intention: the Queen and Royal Family, our nation and government, and our local MP Nick Gibb.

Church family: Ayshea, John & Trinity Feaver; Lynda, Philip, Riley & Caitlin Foyn; Vicky, Joseph, Oliver & Harry Fuller; Clare & Abigail Furse; Heather & David Gamble.

4.15 pm        Singing of hymns in Swandene (time dependent on the weather) – see below.

Monday 10 August – Laurence, Deacon at Rome, Martyr, 258

Intention: our local clubs and organisations, especially our Ladies’ Club and Men’s Group, and Pagham Luncheon Club.

Church family: Joy & Mark Garbett; Donna Grace, Aimee & Pete Boteler, Jane Ewers; Lea Grace, Marlee Grace-Edwards & Luke Edwards; Julie, Eric, Gemma & Zoe Green.

Tuesday 11 August – Clare of Assisi, Founder of the Poor Clares, 1253

Intention: our Scouts, Guides, Cadets and other local youth organisations.

Church family: Tricia Green & Ellie; Ann Gristwood; Jennifer, Jeff, Lara & Evie Gwynn; Elaine & John Hankin; Jo, Richard, Ella & James Hatch; Mo & Mike Hatzfeld.

Wednesday 12 August

Intention: our local industry and commerce, our farmers and growers, and the holiday industry; the staff and guests of Church Farm Holiday Village.

Church family: Mandy & Robin Henderson; Claire, Nick, Reya, NJ & Michael Henderson; Sarah, Oliver, Dylan & Aniela Hicklin; Val & David Hilditch; Linda & Michael Hill.

10 am             Holy Communion

Anniversary: Albert Carpenter (2002); Lilian Hardy (2003)

Thursday 13 August – Jeremy Taylor, Bishop, Teacher of the Faith, 1667

Intention: our organist and director of music Ann Gristwood, our choir and musicians; our lay ministers of communion, altar servers, welcome team and bell-ringers.

Church family: Ethel Huckle; Julia & Gerald Hume-Huet; Jean Hunt; Jessie Hutchins & Elizabeth Palmer; Anna, Graham, Alex & Kate Jones; Trudi Kearsley; Jacqueline & David Kemp.

Friday 14 August

Intention: our Parochial Church Council, its officers and committees; all those who serve our Church.

Church family: Sian Kemp, Ben & Harry; Barry King; Sheila & Michael King; Jackie & John Kitchener; Sandy Knight; Pippa, Richard, Tom, Sam & Max Lally.

Saturday 15 August – The Blessed Virgin Mary

Intention: our local community; our Parish Pastoral Care Team, local Residents’ Associations, and the County, District and Parish Councils.

Church family: Janet Lambert; Mary Lawton; Sheila & Peter Lee; Bev Lewis; Heather & David Lock; Sue, Paul, Abigail, Caitlin & Bethany Lothian; Stephen March.

Anniversary: Cecilia Alldred (1977)



We pray for all in need of healing in body, mind or spirit: Lynette, Rosie Sims, Richard Rundle, Terry Haskell, Jean Martin, Lila Cowee, Barbara Crew, June Evans, Zoe, Bea & Laurie Tucker, Shelagh, Karen Cox, Jim Druce, Jim Fowler, Father Chris, Elizabeth Pett.

For urgent prayer, contact Gillian Purvis (267597) or Colin Wood (264192) to start the Prayer Chain.

Those who have died: Eileen Knight, Jean Buttery, Edna Swinnerton-Beet, Brenda Dobson.

We remember Church family who live in residential care or usually receive communion at home: Kathleen Dudley, Ethel Huckle.

We pray for God’s blessing on all who live in our parish: Princes Croft, Priors Way, Priory Close.

We pray for Revd Lucy Sullivan as she prepares to minister in Pagham and Aldwick from September.

We pray for all affected directly by Covid-19; those with other conditions whose treatment has been affected or postponed because of the virus.

We thank God for the lives of Eileen Knight, Edna Swinnerton-Beet and Brenda Dobson, all longstanding members of our Church family, and Jean Buttery, one of our faithful Good News deliverers.

Eileen Knight was a practising Christian who first worshipped at St Thomas’s when she had a holiday home in Pagham. She later moved here with her second husband Lester, and became very involved in Church life. She was a good singer and flower arranger, and will be remembered as an elegant lady whose ministry was in caring for others.


Church services: as Sunday numbers are limited, please inform Trudi by 8pm on Saturday by email, phone or text, to book your place: trudikearsley@hotmail.co.uk; 01243 263597//07703 597353.
Bring your own order of service, by email from Trudi, or your own prayer book. A few printed copies are available in church for those not on email, to be kept by each person for future services.

Face coverings: from Saturday 8th, it will be mandatory for all who come into church to wear a face covering, unless they are exempt. Cotton masks are available in church for a donation to church funds – thanks to Trudi. Distancing still applies!

Gemma Green, our Parish ordinand, and her fiancé Jonathan Fleury made a welcome appearance at last Sunday’s Eucharist. Their wedding is to take place in Yorkshire on 1 September – more details later.

Safeguarding: Jan Brockhurst reports on SQP – Simple Quality Protects. ‘This is a safeguarding quality assurance, designed to enable parishes achieve high standards of safeguarding in Chichester diocese. Every aspect of our safeguarding policies and procedures have been audited, and we are delighted to announce we have achieved the required standards with flying colours! And lots of paperwork! The appropriate certificate is now displayed on our Church website and in church.’ Congratulations!

Hymn singing: join Alison Blenkinsop for hymn and community singing outside her home in Swandene every Sunday at 4.15 pm, weather permitting. Seating is provided. Contact her on 261131 or 07784 544981 if you plan to come, as numbers have to be limited, and to get last-minute timing details.

Chichester Diocese pastoral helpline, ‘Hearing You’, for listening and prayer support: 01273 425047.

Church of England resources: follow the link for audio recordings and a pdf of an updated booklet on mental health. ‘Nearly 9 in 10 people with mental health problems have been affected by stigma and discrimination. … (because of) coronavirus, the reflections in this booklet were updated and new resources written in March 2020. They seek to provide hope, reassurance and comfort.’



Churchwardens: Mike Wake and Stephen Cox-Rusbridge: churchwarden@paghamchurch.org,
07899 705632//07974 177905.

Church website update: email editor@paghamchurch.org to add content.

Safeguarding Officer: Jan Brockhurst: safeguarding@paghamchurch.org.

Pews News: Alison Blenkinsop: pewsnews@paghamchurch.org, 01243 261131, 07784 544981.