For our residential this year we went to Cobnor, it was a short journey. When we arrived we had some free time to play some games. Afterwards we all went orienteering, I got very tired really quickly but enjoyed myself. Along the way we found some sheep which I found interesting. The winning team got the first choice of sweets. Jenny’s team won by one point which really annoyed me as my brother Rocky was on her team.

When we got back we all had fun playing some team games, one of the activities was to build the highest Jenga tower, Rocky managed to cut his nose while knocking it down but he was enjoying himself so much he didn’t even realise. Then we all settled down for dinner, it was pizza, yum! Afterwards we went for a night walk, this was my sister Allyssia’s favourite bit as she got in a huge ditch with water in it to get a swan’s feather which she brought home.

When we got back to the centre we all played a game called ‘My nan likes coffee but not tea’. It was very confusing for me, only a few people got it. Then we had hot chocolate and it was off to bed.

As we woke up it was time to start getting ready and packed. I was on breakfast duty, it was bacon rolls with scrambled eggs or toast. Then we started to get packed up and cleaned up. Then it was time to leave. We all got in the mini bus (apart from me and Lucy, we went back with Lucy’s dad). We all arrived at church with our luggage and dirty shoes and clothes in time for the notices. We all stood at the front and told everyone what we did and enjoyed the most. I really enjoyed myself.


Photographs by Rev’d Jo King