In this Year of Vocation, two church members responded to God’s call when they were confirmed on Sunday 19 May by the Bishop of Horsham.

Nicky Cogger and Beryl Smith were part of this fine group of new disciples from across the area (second and third in from the left in the photo) and they and a full church at St Mary’s Felpham were exhorted by the Bishop to change the world; at least, the part of the world around them!  In this, they were to be inspired by Jesus Himself and His example of love, in small ways and big ways (from foot-washing to the Cross).  Beryl said: ‘It was a wonderful day, one I will never forget.  I would also like to thank all my friends at Church for coming to support Nicky and I on our special day.  Now I feel I really belong.’ 

At Pentecost this year, we will all renew our confirmation promises and thank God for belonging to His family and it is never too late to respond to that call.