On September 4th we gathered at Copyhold Farm for our annual end-of-summer-back-to-school barbecue. This year we upped the ante with our very own Pagham Olympics, village green style. After a delicious lunch, 5 teams made their way round a course of 5 traditional games: welly wanging, skittles, giant splat the rat, tin can alley and horseshoe hoopla. The rules were that each team had to have at least one member who was under 10, and at least one over 60. Oh, and no cheating with the scoring!  After completing the demanding circuit, the athletes paired up to take part in a tense egg catching competition – only some of the smiley-faced eggs had been hardboiled!

Of course it’s not the winning it’s the taking part that counts, and while the victors enjoyed their moment of glory, everyone was awarded a medal. We celebrated the end of the games with choc ices and cakes, and by putting members of the losing team in the stocks. Strangely, being pelted by sponges looked like so much fun that everyone started queuing for a turn – a wet and hilarious finale to our day on the ‘village green’.